Successful launch night!

September 5, 2017 0

The Comedy Cafè Oslo launched with a blast. Delighted audiences were enjoying three powerful acts, with the strong MC Greg Faulkner binding it all smoothly together. A very special night, with the same genuin atmosphere as to be found in Shoreditch. 

Statements from the acts and people in the comedy business;

Bjørn Daniel Tørum – This night was amazing. Everyone nailed it. Thanks to everybody who made an effort to make this possible

Atyab Hussain –  It was like being part of a Hollywood production. Every comedian performing top-notch.

Kim Michael Hafskjær – This will definitely be a success!

Jimmy James Jones –  Norway was incredible. I had quite literally the best time. I`m buzzing.

Greg Faulkner – I had such a great time. Lovely venue. Its literally the same room as our own club in Shoreditch. Can`t wait to come back.

Martine Tørum – It was a total different vibe from what you`ll get at any other comedy club you`ll find in Oslo. Being in the room, felt like being in London.


The Comedy Cafè Oslo will run on a monthly basis putting on shows one Friday night each month, at Teaterkjeller`n!

Next up is Friday 6th of October. Get your tickets here; 

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